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How We Incorporate Your Home Design Features

Posted by amer517 on February 16, 2018

Tradition at Chesterfield is home-builder where our customers come first. Your opinion, your suggestions, your ideas and your design features are valuable for us. We try to incorporate your design features in your home as much possible as we can. And how we do it? To know this check out our new blog “How we incorporate your design features”.

Pick Your Home Design & Features

In home construction industry one of the worst things a builder can do, once he get the project and actually starts generating reliable revenue is to ignore the people who made that happen in the first place: its customers. The one who trust them with their life’s biggest project, they ignore their opinions and suggestion while building their own homes. Homeowner has every right to ask any chances that he wants to make in his/her home and it is the responsibility of builder to say yes to his clients’ opinion as often as he can. Tradition at Chesterfield is renowned most for its strong bonding with customers. We value your opinions as we feel your home should be your reflection and try to incorporate your design features where it is possible. So, how we do it? The answer to this question is as follow.

  • We Utilize Support-Driven Development: Tradition at Chesterfield focuses on customers’ suggestions and feedback through support-driven development. Support-driven development means everyone in the team does support in some way, architects who design the floor plans, labor, builders etc. see front and center the challenges that customers have in their design features. Since our professional staff who build the design knows the problem that customer have in their presented design are more likely to fix them because they have to support them, too.
  • Figure out Where the Real Value Lies: We gather extensive customers’ opinion and try to understand what they want and how we can incorporate their ideas in actual building. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to sort through all the noise and decide what really wort is implementing. From the customers we get numerous feature requests but it would be ultimately damage the home if we implemented all of them. Before we build your dream project we always ask what value it would really create in the overall experience.
  • Observe, Listen and then react: This is our most powerful technique to incorporate your design features and opinions. Our zealous team members carefully observe what our customer want to change and where we can incorporate their ideas, we listen everything you have to say and then after analyzing everything we react how we can help you.
  • Look for Patterns: Tradition at Chesterfield went through the process of talking with the customers about their ideas. If two or three clients want to change the same thing in our design we try to turn it according to your desire. It is important for the builders that you first are brave enough to ask for the feedback and if you notice patterns, to be wise enough to implement it.
  • Innovative through Perspective: Traditional retail design occurs in a vacuum, based largely on current trends that are void of customer insights. Tradition at Chesterfield takes different approach to design our products and customer insight is an integral part. Early to identify pain points and at the end to home small details are the two main parts where customer engage themselves mostly. The middle part of the process is where we apply creative innovation.
  • Ask First, Then Develop: For us, this has been a more recent focus as we consider customer feedback absolutely essential for the ideal home building. We have made a commitment to take our customers’ feedback and their opinions before developing their dream homes and due to this our customer satisfaction has been steadily rising.
  • Find your Niche:  It is our customers’ feedback that our company finds its niche and thus its synergy and success.

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